Personal Training

Fitness programs can address various goals such as weight loss, toning or cardiovascular health. Special adjustments are made to accommodate areas of weakness, arthritis or injuries.

Each 60-minute personal training session is scheduled by appointment to fit with your schedule. You’ll be provided with a workout plan made just for you, to follow during the week to maintain and further build upon your current fitness level.

Strength training and core conditioning are central to every successful plan. Work outs will feature new and creative exercises each session, utilizing methods such as circuit training, traditional weight-training, repetitions until exhaustion, giant sets, run racks and super setting with active rest. These proven tactics blast calories, whittle away fat, build muscles and increase endurance.

It’s important to switch up routines for variability, to keep it interesting and challenge major muscle groups. Surprising your body with new and creative movements helps both the body and mind to stay strong and focused.

Kara will guide you through each exercise and focus on proper alignment and form. The benefit of having a trainer by your side is the prevention of injuries, correction of muscle imbalances, motivation during exercises and fine-tuning to reach the full range of motion.